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What is the new version of Fouad WhatsApp and how do I download and install it?

fouad whatsapp new version
Fouad WhatsApp Features

Fouad whatsapp new version is the latest WhatsApp mod developed by developers or so-called modders, not by the official owner.

This version of WhatsApp is exactly the same as the original application, but with many options. In short, this is just an extended version of the official WhatsApp app.

Many of the software and apps we use have limitations that protect user privacy and many other privacy issues that developers are considering.

However, there are many useful tools and methods that can help you go beyond this limitation.

Fouad whatsapp v8 12 download is also a tool that can help you go beyond this limitation by providing another version with enhanced features.

Hide status messages

In addition to the ability to hide online status, you can also use this application to hide tick status messages.

In other words, you can make it look as if the message was not sent to your phone, even if it was sent. You can activate this feature when you don't want to be disturbed by others.

More features

You can find several other features available in this wa mod application. So, please check the following details.

  • 1. Manage multiple accounts
  • 2. Unlimited themes
  • 3. Hide message status
  • 4. Send large files
  • 5. Increase the number of media
  • 6. Customize the font features
  • 7. Password function
  • 8. Auto-reply messages

Fouad WhatsApp Apk Download Link

The above features are just some of what you may be interested in. If the risk proves to be proportional to the features offered, please use the modified application.

As mentioned before, the modified version is not available on the Playstore, so don't bother looking for it there. You can download fouad whatsapp new version 2021 Pro via the link we prepared below!

Please remember not to fouad mods whatsapp download casually, as it is vulnerable to malware infiltration. The download process has several secure links and you can see them below.